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Travel Blogs Seoul

Travel Blogs Seoul

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Seoul in South Korea

Seoul is a city located in South Korea, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Seoul

Asia » South Korea » Seoul
01 November 2010
Seoul South Korea

Once a year my family goes on a holiday to South Korea as me and my younger sister were adopted and born there. My parents decided to go on these trips to make sure we never forget where we come from.

This way the family always carries a bit of South Korea with it! For me personally the best season to visit Seoul is either in Springtime or early Autumn when the trees show their most...

Asia » South Korea » Seoul
21 June 2010
Seoul South Korea

I went to Seoul in December which is wintertime in South Korea as well and maybe if you're looking for a warm and cosy holiday not the perfect season.

When to go to Seoul then? Well, there are four seasons which can be very distinct and different. I guess the best time to visit South Korea would be autumn, from September to November, when the temperatures are still high and the climate...