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Travel Blogs Mombasa

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Mombasa in Coast, Kenya

Mombasa is a city located in Kenya, Africa.

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Travel Blogs Mombasa

Africa » Kenya » Mombasa
10 October 2016

American R&B and hip hop singer in Kenya

The title of the show was famous as Mombasa #mombasarocks, its a show which was planned and organized for sometime especially considering that the famous Chris Brown was going to the main artiste and singer, there were other African Artiste like Wizkid, Vanessa, Alikiba, Nazizi and others. But the main spotlight was Chris Brown in Kenya....

Africa » Kenya » Mombasa
23 March 2010
Resort with pool area in Mombasa, Kenya. Mombasa

After several trips to what I call the most facinating continent on this planet I had the chance to revisit Africa last November.

I had been on a humanitarian mission to Tanzania where I stayed for three weeks and I also had been to Senegal in 2007 but this time I would finally get to see the amazing country that is Kenya.

I stayed in Mombasa but had the chance...

Africa » Kenya » Mombasa
07 February 2010
Lions during Safari in Kenya Mombasa

What can I say about is a third world country and besides the nicely built resorts and hotels along the beaches you will see a lot of misery and pain, something that really had a huge impact on me on our trip.

I think it's normal that you will need several days to adjust to the completely differnt life style and daily rhythm. Of course the fact that we had the luxury of...