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Travel Blogs Mombasa

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Mombasa in Coast, Kenya

Mombasa is a city located in Kenya, Africa.

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Travel Blogs Mombasa

Africa » Kenya » Mombasa
23 March 2010
Resort with pool area in Mombasa, Kenya. Mombasa

After several trips to what I call the most facinating continent on this planet I had the chance to revisit Africa last November.

I had been on a humanitarian mission to Tanzania where I stayed for three weeks and I also had been to Senegal in 2007 but this time I would finally get to see the amazing country that is Kenya.

I stayed in Mombasa but had the chance...

Africa » Kenya » Mombasa
07 February 2010
Lions during Safari in Kenya Mombasa

What can I say about is a third world country and besides the nicely built resorts and hotels along the beaches you will see a lot of misery and pain, something that really had a huge impact on me on our trip.

I think it's normal that you will need several days to adjust to the completely differnt life style and daily rhythm. Of course the fact that we had the luxury of...