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Travel Blogs Kenya

Travel Blogs Kenya

Kenya is a country located in Africa. Kenya's capital is Nairobi and the currency is the Kenyan shilling.

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Map of Kenya
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Travel Blogs Kenya

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DMC for Group safari in East Africa

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi
20 March 2017

My group of Indian friends from USA did a 10 days safari in Kenya with Arica Venture Safaris, the trip was good and we really enjoyed. Gujarati meals was there in plenty as we wanted and the lodges were just awesome.

Below is the luxury safari holiday we did:



Nairobi ...

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Chris Brown In Mombasa Kenya

Africa » Kenya » Mombasa
10 October 2016

American R&B and hip hop singer in Kenya

The title of the show was famous as Mombasa #mombasarocks, its a show which was planned and organized for sometime especially considering that the famous Chris Brown was going to the main artiste and singer, there were other African Artiste like Wizkid, Vanessa, Alikiba, Nazizi and others. But the main spotlight was Chris Brown in Kenya....

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Safari Holiday in Kenya.

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley
29 June 2012
Lion gazing in Masai mara Rift Valley

We just arrived back home in Spain from Wonderful and relaxing safari and beach holiday in Kenya.

Me and my sister started planning for these safari in early may, we had to organize a perfect itinerary which will cover both safari for 5 days and beach for another 4 days. All thanks to Africa Venture Safaris, since they handled all our travel plans, organizing, from the airport pick...

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Mara Sopa Lodge Masai Mara Kenya

Africa » Kenya » Narok
26 May 2011
Narok Kenya

In the first week of May my husband and I travelled to Kenya for a well deserved holiday in the wild but of course with a bit of luxury to unwind and forget about work and other worries.

We had booked an all inclusive holiday at the Mara Sopa Lodge near Narok where we stayed for 12 days and had a lovely time. The location of the lodge was perfect and as its name reveals near the...

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Kenya Tours and Safaris

Africa » Kenya » Tsavo
21 April 2011
Tsavo Kenya

April 2011, Kenya Tours and Safaris

I went to Kenya on a family trip and during that holiday we visited several wildlife parks and moved to different lodges and hotels in order to be able to visit the several wildlife parks and other tourist attractions.

I added Tsavo as the city for this blog since it was the first park we actually visited in Kenya. We stayed...