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Travel Blogs Cervantes

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Cervantes in Western Australia, Australia

Cervantes is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Cervantes

Oceania » Australia » Cervantes
18 November 2010
Cervantes Australia

Here are some pictures of the Pinnacle Desert near Cervantes which we crossed by rental car, a great experience and definitely a tourist attraction in Western Australia you shouldn't miss!

We have just arrived in Perth and driving down the coast of Western Australia we made as many stops on the road to visit cool places like the Pinnacle Desert.

If you're going on a roadtrip like me and my boyfriend did, make sure to fuel up, bring a travel guide and also pack some extra sandwiches and snacks because it can get lonely on the way;)

From Cervantes we drove into...

Oceania » Australia » Cervantes
28 January 2010
The pinnacle rock formations Cervantes

The Pinnacle desert of Cervantes is probably the best attraction of both Jurien Bay and Cervantes and you can drive through this park bycar. We rented a large 4wd and managed to drive precisely through the pinnacle formations on the unsealed road but I don't think our car should have been a size bigger..

The landscape of the Nambung National Park desert with all the yellow coloured sands and rock formations is really pretty and you will be able to look out over the Pinnacle Desert from a wooden outlook.

Do bring something to eat and...