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The Pinnacle desert of Cervantes

January 28th, 2010

The Pinnacle desert of Cervantes is probably the best attraction of both Jurien Bay and Cervantes and you can drive through this park bycar. We rented a large 4wd and managed to drive precisely through the pinnacle formations on the unsealed road but I don't think our car should have been a size bigger..

The landscape of the Nambung National Park desert with all the yellow coloured sands and rock formations is really pretty and you will be able to look out over the Pinnacle Desert from a wooden outlook.

The pinnacle rock formationsThe pinnacle rock formations

Do bring something to eat and enough drinking water as you won't find any shops or eateries near the Nabung National Park area.

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Travel Tips for Cervantes Australia:

Where to stay in Cervantes: We stayed in Jurien Bay but we wished we hadn't.

What to do in Cervantes: Drive through the pinnacles by car and bring a nice picnic:)

Where to eat in Cervantes: You have to make to sandwiches before you go

Travel Pictures of Cervantes, Australia

  • The pinnacle rock formations The pinnacle rock formations
  • The unsealed road The unsealed road
  • Nambung National Park Nambung National Park
  • Pictures of the pinnacles Pictures of the pinnacles
  • The desert outlook The desert outlook
  • The landscape in Cervantes The landscape in Cervantes
  • Driving through the Pinnacle Desert Driving through the Pinnacle Desert


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The Pinnacle desert of Cervantes
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Liked: The landscape is amazing
Disliked: There is not much too see once you get out of the park
Trip Rating: Good

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