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Travel Blogs Perth

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Perth in Western Australia, Australia

Perth is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Perth

Oceania » Australia » Perth
03 May 2012
Perth Australia

The Medina Executive Barack Plaza Hotel in Perth was amazing and even better upon arrival. We had just taken a 24 flight to get to Perth so we wanted to be comfortable and sleep well.

The flight went very well and we had the friendliest cab driver who was so friendly to us and explained us everything we needed to know about Perth and all the silly Australia questions we had.

We arrived late at night and stayed only a few days in Perth but the Medina Executive Barack Plaza Hotel was perfect. We had an incredible few from our balcony and even a kitchen which we never used but hey,...

Oceania » Australia » Perth
03 May 2012
Perth Australia

As soon as we woke up in Perth after a long fight we walked in direction of the beach side to explore the coast. Eventhough it was early in the morning there were a lot of people going for a stroll, cycling and just hanging out at the seaside.

The people were really friendly and some couples gave us advice about what to see during our stay in Perth which made us feel really welcome and at ease in this beautiful city.

Perth is really neat and the architecture is very impressive. We decided to hop on the giant wheel to have a first birds eye of the city before getting into the...

Oceania » Australia » Perth
11 January 2010
Perth seen from Kings Park Perth

Perth is a great city for a relaxing holiday in Western Australia. The city centre is filled with nice bars and shops where you could easily spend an afternoon of shopping and sightseeing.

A must see in Perth would be the beautiful Kings Park and botanic garden situated on the city's hill top. Not only is this park great for a walk or picnic but probably also the best place to view...

Oceania » Australia » Perth
05 October 2009
Skyline! Perth

We arrived in Perth around midnight and after a short taxi ride we checked in at the Medina Executive: gorgeous place right in the centre of Perth. After a good night sleep we decided to take some breakfast on Hay St, together with Murray St one of the most central streets of the city. We had a lovely breakfast at Bocelli with fresh croissants and orange juice while some curious sea eagles tried to...