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Travel Blogs Amman

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Amman in ', Jordan

Amman is a city located in Jordan, Middle East.

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Travel Blogs Amman

Middle East » Jordan » Amman
11 November 2011
Amman Jordan

Here are some photographs of my stay in Jordan where I had an incredibile time thanks to a great group of people I travelled with and of course, the beauty of this amazing country.

I added Amman as city tag but we also visited other places like Petra and the Dead Sea, both incredible in their own way.

We had good weather and there weren't...

Middle East » Jordan » Amman
03 September 2010
Amman Jordan

This summer I've been on a holiday in Jordan by myself. I had always wanted to travel through the Middle East and had heard a lot of positive things about Jordan and places like Amman and Petra in particular.

After some visits at my local travel agency I had read some of the travel package deals and decided to book a bus round trip through Jordan starting in Amman.

Amman is one of the many popular places to visit in Jordan as it's home to several ancient Roman sites that can be visited while in Amman.

Amman is also the capital city of Jordan and therefor the...