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Jordan is a country located in Middle East. Jordan's capital is Amman and the currency is the Jordanian Dinar.

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Travel Blogs Jordan

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Travel Impressions of Jordan

Middle East » Jordan » Amman
11 November 2011
Amman Jordan

Here are some photographs of my stay in Jordan where I had an incredibile time thanks to a great group of people I travelled with and of course, the beauty of this amazing country.

I added Amman as city tag but we also visited other places like Petra and the Dead Sea, both incredible in their own way.

We had good weather and there weren't...

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Hot Air Balloon Tour Wadi Ramm

Middle East » Jordan » Ramm
17 May 2011
Ramm Jordan

Hi guys, here are some pictures of my Wadi Ramm hot air balloon tour, an amazing experience like the entire stay there. I travelled to Jordan with my girlfriend and we joined several tours to visit all the good places.

In Wadi Ramm we stayed at a authentic desert camp which is one of my best memories to Jordan as we went on camel rides, slept in tents and had two nights of bbq fun with all our fellow travellers.

During the tour we could go on more or less extra activities like the hot air balloon ride over the valley of Wadi Ramm, or Wadi Rum, like others call it.


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Mt Nebo Jordan Tours

Middle East » Jordan » Mt Nebo
15 April 2011
Mt Nebo Jordan

From Jerash in the north of Jordan we coninued our journey and went on several tours in and around Amman before heading to Mt Nebo in direction of the border with Israel.

From the top of Mt Nebo you can get great views of the Holy Land and see the city of Jericho and even Jerusalem if you're visiting the ridge on a clear day.

Our guide showed us the mosaic-covered...

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Trip from Damascus to Jerash

Middle East » Jordan » Jerash
06 April 2011
Jerash Jordan

With our visit to Damascus the capital city of Syria we had reached the second part of our journey and it was time to open a next chapter and travel through to Jordan where we would continue exploring all the beauty that the Middle East had to offer us.

The first city we came across after crossing the border travelling south from Damascus into Jordan territory was Jerash where we...

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Jordan Round Trip

Middle East » Jordan » Wadi Rum
28 February 2011
Wadi Rum Jordan

The 16th of February my wife and I left on a ten day rond trip to Jordan, the pearl of the Middle East. At first I had doubts about the length of our trip and thought we could never see all we wanted to see in only ten days but I guess I was wrong.

In a ten day round trip like the one we went on you travel quite a lot so you are able to visit all of Jordan's most important sites.