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Travel Blogs Cagliari

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Cagliari in Sardinia, Italy

Cagliari is a city located in Italy, Europe.

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Cagliari Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Cagliari

Europe » Italy » Cagliari
03 May 2012
Cagliari Italy

Last summer I visited some relatives in Cagliari and added a holiday to the occasion. I spend about a week in Cagliari to catch up with everyone and went on several boat trips to explore the southern coast of Sardinia which is absolutely stunning.

The boulevard along Via Roma is very relaxing and making your way to Piazza Yenne you will find a wide range of shops and nice restaurants...

Europe » Italy » Cagliari
18 August 2010
Cagliari Italy

This year I went to Sardinia on a holiday where me and my family stayed for two weeks in Cagliari, the island's capital city. Cagliari is a very nice small town without the chaos of other Italian capital cities and it's the perfect place if you're planning a beach holiday.

The best thing to do in Sardinia would be to rent a car so you can explore places around Cagliari and visit...

Europe » Italy » Cagliari
14 January 2010
Cagliari Italy

Almost every year we visited the home country of my husband who is born on the lovely island Sardinia. Sardinia is famous for her great white sand beaches and blue sea! Every year we visit his parents who still live there and we plan a trip around the island. This year we booked a B&B which I would like to recommend everyone who wants to visited this nice part of the island. At only 15km from Cagliari,...