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Travel Blogs Khasab

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Khasab in Musandam, Oman

Khasab is a city located in Oman, Middle East.

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Travel Blogs Khasab

Middle East » Oman » Khasab
16 March 2017
Dhow cruise with dolphin watch Khasab

Visit Oman Khasab Nov 2016 and take dhow cruise tour with Khasab Sea Tours. Khasab Sea Tours is opposite al maha fuel station. We booked online and take the services for dhow cruise. The dhow trip was excellent. They serve plenty of fruits, soft drinks, tea and Omani qawa. We see dolphin on the way to telegraph island and some other sightseeing's. Boat anchors at telegraph for 40 mints and we swim and snorkel....

Middle East » Oman » Khasab
07 September 2010
Khasab Oman

Khasab is located in the northern tip of Oman and easily reached also from Dubai as a lot of tourists decided to book tours up to Khasab because of the nice landscape and tranquil atmosphere.

We also stayed in Dubai for a holiday and went to Khasab on a weekend trip which today, compared to many years ago, is rather easy like I sad because of the building of the modern coast road...