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Travel Blogs Oman

Oman is a country located in Middle East. Oman's capital is Muscat and the currency is the Rial Omani.

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Travel Blogs Oman

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Family Holidays in Oman

Middle East » Oman » Nizwa
28 April 2011
Nizwa Oman

My family and I just enjoyed a wonderful holiday in my homeland Oman and stayed at the Golden Tulip Nizwa located out of town and in an almost oasis like setting.

Once a year we visit my parents and other relatives in Nizwa at about an hour, an hour and half by car from Muscat where we arrived by plane. The flight to Muscat was fine and as soon as we landed our rental car was parked...

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Travel to Muscat Oman

Middle East » Oman » Muscat
22 November 2010
Muscat Oman

I travelled to Oman earlier this month where I had to be in Muscat, the capital of Oman, for business.

In total I stayed ten days including a weekend off which we could spend sightseeing around Muscat or in whatever way we would like to.

Together with two of my colleagues I decided to rent a car and make the most out of our travel time in Muscat and at least have...

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Khasab Oman

Middle East » Oman » Khasab
07 September 2010
Khasab Oman

Khasab is located in the northern tip of Oman and easily reached also from Dubai as a lot of tourists decided to book tours up to Khasab because of the nice landscape and tranquil atmosphere.

We also stayed in Dubai for a holiday and went to Khasab on a weekend trip which today, compared to many years ago, is rather easy like I sad because of the building of the modern coast road...

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Wahiba Sands Desert Tour

Middle East » Oman » Wahiba
30 July 2010
Wahiba Oman

Oman is such a beautiful country that I just can't help telling people about this magical place with its enchanting landscapes and friendly people.

One of the tours we did in Oman and which I really liked was the Wahiba Sands Desert Tour. Under the guidance of our two guides we took off for a short dune-bashing trek in Wahiba Sands which was the ride of a lifetime.


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Muttrah and the capital of Muscat

Middle East » Oman » Muttrah
24 March 2010

I visited the city of Muttrah with its amazing Old Muttrah Souk market filled with colourful stands and fresh products for the locals to bargain over.

Of course I also made a trip to Muscat, the capital of Oman and famous for its impressive Royal Sultan's Palace.

More inland we did several tours and escursions to see the various Wadis, valleys and desert landscapes....