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Travel Blogs Siena

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Siena in Tuscany, Italy

Siena is a city located in Italy, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Siena

Europe » Italy » Siena
09 February 2011
Siena Italy

In October I went to Siena on a fieldtrip with my classmates and we had a lot of fun there.

It was a shame we went there after the palio because witnessing this traditional feast would have made our stay in Siena even better.

We had ok weather but a bit chilly so I would love to return to Siena in springtime or even summer.

One of the highlights..I...

Europe » Italy » Siena
01 January 2010
Palio flags for sale in Siena Siena

Siena is known for its long horse race tradition and every year the palio is held on the 2nd of july and the 16th of august. Not knowing this we were quite lucky to arrive in Siena exactly on august 16th.

During the Palio ten of the seventeen contrade or suburbs are represented by their riders and horses which carry the flag of their contrade and are dressed in the same colours.

Tourists and locals all gather on Piazza del Campo which turns into one big horse racing with the public cheering at the riders from the middle of the square. The riders circle around Piazza del Campo...