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Travel Blogs Sao Paulo

Travel Blogs Sao Paulo

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Sao Paulo in Brazil

Sao Paulo is a city located in Brazil, South America.

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Travel Blogs Sao Paulo

South America » Brazil » Sao Paulo
17 June 2011
Sao Paulo Brazil

São Paulo is a beautiful city and more and more tourists come to see the beauty of São Paulo with their own eyes as Brazil has grown popularity as a travel destination.

For myself, born and raised in São Paulo I think this is a great thing because sharing cultural traditions and learning more about the world is what makes life such a big adventure.

There are...

South America » Brazil » Sao Paulo
18 July 2010
Sao Paulo Brazil

Before heading to Porto Seguro we visited Sao Paulo where we spend three days after landing on Sao Paulo airport.

Sao Paulo is the largest city of Brazil and the main international airport where tourists arrive in the country and from where they travel up north up the coast, inland in direction of the Amazon, or southwards to visit other parts of South America.


South America » Brazil » Sao Paulo
08 February 2010
Pictures of Sau Paulo in Brasil Sao Paulo

My room mate in college is from Brasil and we had talked about making a trip to his home country for about the last four years so finally we decided to do it and all I can say is that we really made one of our dreams come true!

We went to Sao Paulo, the third largest city in the world and a really nice place to visit. You will enjoy the brazilian culture to the fullest and the interesting...