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Travel Blogs Santo Domingo

Travel Blogs Santo Domingo

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Santo Domingo in Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo is a city located in Dominican Republic, South America.

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Santo Domingo Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Santo Domingo

South America » Dominican Republic » Santo Domingo
19 February 2010
Boca Chica beach, Santo Domingo Santo Domingo

When we arrived in Santo Domingo, the capital of The Dominican Republic, the outside temperature was 38 degrees and right after we got out of the plane we could feel a hot summer air which seemed unreal for the month of March!

From the airport we headed to our hotel where we took a shower and prepared for dinner. After dinner we decided to try our luck at the local casino before heading to one of the bars to celebrate our well deserved holiday. After half an hour in the casino I already won my first jackpot after which we decided to go into town.

Once we stepped out of the casino...

South America » Dominican Republic » Santo Domingo
10 February 2010
Pictures of Santo Domingo Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominian Republic and over 9 hours away from Europe. During my holiday in Santo Domingo I stayed at the Gran Domincus Hotel which was an all inclusive resort and had all that I could ask for.

The Gran Dominicus hotel in Santo Domingo would also be a good option for families travelling with kids as they have all kinds of facilities and a miniclub...