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Travel Blogs Nazca

Travel Blogs Nazca

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Nazca in Ica, Peru

Nazca is a city located in Peru, South America.

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Travel Blogs Nazca

South America » Peru » Nazca
29 September 2011
Nazca Peru

I also did a tour through the Nazca Valley with a tour operator called Taruka Tours and we paid a visit to the scary Chauchilla Cemetery.

The site lies within the Nazca Valley and the only to reach it will be by tour or driving there yourself but since the terrain is pretty rough you will find the tour much more pleasent and less rocky.

The cemetery which contains...

South America » Peru » Nazca
03 August 2010
Nazca Peru

Huacachina being our last stop we headed down the 1S Highway to Palpa and our final destination this time, Nazca.

Nazca is one of those places in the world that everybody has heard about and it's also a city that helped make Peru a popular travel destination.

Maybe you've heard about the ancient Nazca Lines on a National Geographic documentary or spotted something...