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Travel Blogs Miami

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Miami in Florida, United States

Miami is a city located in United States, North America.

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Travel Blogs Miami

23 July 2010
Miami United States

From Orlando we went to Miami where we had booked one of Miami Beach finest hotels to enjoy a beach holiday and see as much as possible of downtown Miami.

In Miami Beach we stayed at the Loews Hotel which is located straight on Collins Ave and near Ocean Drive, the two main streets of Miami.

To get to see some more of Miami we had a rental car which we had arranged...

13 March 2010
Great sushi restaurants in Miami. Miami

I didn't really go on a holiday to Miami, at least not the first month of my stay, because my main goal was to find a job.

I have been a professional bartender for over ten years now and the best place to practise this job, as in the place where you make the most money, is in the United States.

Once I found a job and I started to make some money I actually got...

08 March 2010
Typical dish in Miami, fried crocodile! Miami

In March of 2005 I had the opportunity to visit Miami in the state of Florida on a trip together with my brother and my father. We stayed in Miami for ten days and those have defnitely been the most exciting ten days of my life!

Going to the United Stated had always a big dream and visiting Miami was even better! The people were really friendly and had a great positive attitude....