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Travel Blogs San Juan

Travel Blogs San Juan

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San Juan in Puerto Rico

San Juan is a city located in Puerto Rico, South America.

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Travel Blogs San Juan

South America » Puerto Rico » San Juan
14 March 2010
Photos of San Juan, Puerto Rico. San Juan

Puerto Rico is a beautiful country and a great place to travel to.

Especially in the capital of San Juan you will find a lot of interesting things to see and walking around the city you'll find yourself fascinated by the people, the nature and every single thing you come accross.

Puerto Rico still has a lot of poor areas where you probably shouldn't go late at...

South America » Puerto Rico » San Juan
26 February 2010
Photos in Puerto San Juan

My trip to the island of Puerto Rico was an amazing experience.

Latin music, colourful houses and a ton of great sights and attractions from the dense rain forests, amazing seaside town, endless stretches of dreamy beaches with beautiful palm trees and of course the amazing Caribbean Sea.

Besides the beautiful nature in Puerto Rico it's also the homeland of Bacardi,...