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Minsk in Belarus

Minsk is a city located in Belarus, Europe.

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Europe » Belarus » Minsk
02 May 2011
Minsk Belarus

This February I went on a holiday to Minsk with my boyfriend and we travelled by train from Vilnius which took little less than five hours.

I really loved the scenery and eventhough at first I wasn't sure about the whole train ride it turned out to be a great idea!

We had a comfortable two person cabin and before we knew it we had left Lithuania behind us and...

Europe » Belarus » Minsk
21 May 2010
Minsk Belarus

Minsk is the capital of Belarus and another city we visited on our way east. As soon as we arrived we noticed the imposing buildings which are a result of the Stalinist architecture style and characteristic for the city centre of Minsk.

The Railway station square is a good example of this Stalinist architecture and its enormous towers form a gate to the capital.