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Travel Blogs Djerba

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Djerba in Madanin, Tunisia

Djerba is a city located in Tunisia, Africa.

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Travel Blogs Djerba

Africa » Tunisia » Djerba
24 March 2010
The swimming pool at the resort in Djerba. Djerba

During a cold winter we decided to take a break from work and go on a relaxing holiday.

We were looking for a sunny travel destination but didn't want to spend too much so we decided it was either going to be Tunisia or Egypt. We went with Tunisia.

We booked our entire trip through a travel agency and after looking at different travel packages we decided to go...

Africa » Tunisia » Djerba
14 February 2010
Photos of holiday in Tunisia Djerba

My trip to Tunisia was great and travelling with four of my friends I was in great company. We stayed in a touristic resort which normally isn't my favourite accomodation type because people tend to get stuck in there and forget about exploring the real culture but in the end we had a great time!

We visited the local market in Houmt Souk, the market neighbourhood of Djerba and spend...