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Travel Blogs Lencois

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Lencois in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lencois is a city located in Brazil, South America.

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Travel Blogs Lencois

South America » Brazil » Lencois
05 April 2010
Lencois Brazil

In a local restaurant in Lencois we heard about a local farm tour we could do which included some wine and liquor tastings, a lunch and a guided walk around the farm.

The owner of the farm showed us around and explained everything about how things went down on the farm.

We also got to taste different brands of Cachaca, a local Brazilin liquor, which is pretty heavy...

South America » Brazil » Lencois
05 April 2010
Photos of our snorkeling excursion in Lecois, Brazil Lencois

From Salvador we travelled to Lencois, an area known for its natural beauties and a perfect way to calm down from the crazy carnaval days we spend in Salvador.

Lencois has some amazing waterfalls, mountains, sand dunes gorges and underwater caves and a tour to at least one of these beautiful parts of Brazil is a must on every tourists list!

We visited the amazing...