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Travel Blogs Philipsburg

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Philipsburg in St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

Philipsburg is a city located in Netherlands Antilles, South America.

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Travel Blogs Philipsburg

26 April 2010
Pictures at the Butterfly Farm in Philpsburg Philipsburg

The island of Sint Maarten is located south of Anguilla and can be split up in two parts. In the north you will find the French St Martin while southern Sint Maarten is part of the Netherlands Antilles.

Both parts have their own capital and you can easily travel from one part of the island to the other. We started our journey in the North, in Marigot, the capital city of Saint Martin.

Marigot is the largest city on Saint Martin and a real Caribbean seaside town. The local markets, held every Wednesday and Saturday, are great for buying ingredients, fresh products, beautiful fruit...