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Travel Blogs Netherlands Antilles

Travel Blogs Netherlands Antilles

Netherlands Antilles is a country located in South America. Netherlands Antilles's capital is Willemstad and the currency is the Netherlands Antillean guilder.

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Map of Netherlands Antilles
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Travel Blogs Netherlands Antilles

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Bonaire Hamlet Oasis Resort Holiday

South America » Netherlands Antilles » Bonaire Island
02 November 2011
Bonaire Island Netherlands Antilles

My best friend Daphne and I went on a crazy beach holiday to Bonaire and spent the best time of our lives between tanning, clubbing and dining out; what an island!

We stayed at the Hamlet Oasis Resort located a few meters from the beach and having our own cottage was incredibly comfortable, especially when we wanted to go out late at night.

In the morning we had...

Flag Netherlands Antilles

Rental Villa on Curacao

South America » Netherlands Antilles » Willemstad
02 August 2011
Willemstad Netherlands Antilles

If you're looking to book a family holiday near Willemstad on Curacao then you really consider staying at this gorgeous rental villa called Kas Largu which we rented for our summer holiday in the Netherlands Antilles last month.

The villa is huge and can fit a big family or small group vacation easily. I added some pictures of the beautiful porch where we had our family breakfasts...

Flag Netherlands Antilles

Holiday on Beautiful Curacao

South America » Netherlands Antilles » Willemstad
30 May 2011
Willemstad Netherlands Antilles

I just came back from a holiday on beautiful Curacao with my big sister and my mom. We had great weather, a beautiful hotel ( the Chocogo Resort in Jan Thiel near Willemstad was where we stayed for two weeks and it was like a little paradise) and just such a relaxing stay.

My mom had rented a car so we could drive around the island which was really convenient when we wanted to combine...

Flag Netherlands Antilles

Chogogo Resort Curacao

South America » Netherlands Antilles » Jan Thiel
08 April 2011
Jan Thiel Netherlands Antilles

During a fantastic holiday on Curacao I stayed at the Chogogo Resort near Jan Thiel Bay just a few km south of Willemstad which is the largest city on the island.

The resort was a bright collection of colourful houses and me and my friends stayed in a green cottage, the one which is shown on one of my pictures as well.

From the Chogogo Resort it was only a short...

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Curacao 2011 Carnival Holidays

South America » Netherlands Antilles » Curacao
09 March 2011
Curacao Netherlands Antilles

Me and my friends went on a carnival holiday to Curacao, the best place to enjoy these celebrations on the Netherlands Antilles. We went to visit a friend who invited us over for the february carnival parade which this year is bigger than ever because of the 55th anniversary of Carnival on Curacao.

Being from Brazil we know who to celebrate carnival and eventhough it would have been great to party in Rio de Janeiro we loved our holiday in the Caribbean!

The Gran Marcha was really beautiful with the grand parade and of course all the childrens and teens parade.