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Travel Blogs Hawaii

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Hawaii is a city located in United States, North America.

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Travel Blogs Hawaii

24 July 2011
Hawaii United States

My honemoon trip to Hawaii was a dream come true and after planning our wedding for over a year plus the stress of the entire event, don't get me wrong getting married is great, we truly deserved this peace of paradise to ourselves!

The honeymoon was spent on the islands of Honolulu and Waikiki and we stayed in amazing hotels like the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel where the staff...

19 July 2010
Hawaii United States

After a trip through the USA and a very exciting roadtrip along some of America's most beautiful cities we were ready to spend our final three weeks on Hawaii.

We had an amazing holiday package at the Waikiki Beach Marriot Resort, right on the beach!

Besides the beach where we had some challenging surfing lessons and a very relaxing stay we went to see the Pearl...