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Travel Blogs Uyuni

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Uyuni in Potosí, Bolivia

Uyuni is a city located in Bolivia, South America.

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Travel Blogs Uyuni

03 August 2011
Uyuni Bolivia

The Uyuni salt tour is one of the the most impressive places me and my girlfriend visited during our holiday in Bolivia and it's hard to find another salt desert just as touristic!

We travelled through both Bolivia and Argentina by car which we rented upon arrival. In Argentina we visited places like Buenos Aires, where we started our journey, Salta, Mendoza, Puerto Iguazu and more.


25 July 2010
Uyuni Bolivia

Uyuni is located in the southwest of Bolivia and famous for its beautiful salt flats. You can do a Uyuni salt flats tour by jeep which is the best thing I guess because you can choose where to go whenever you feel like it.

We rented a jeep which 6 people and stayed at the salt hostel, the Hostel de Sal. This place was great and waking up in the morning and checking out these enormous...