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Travel Blogs Bolivia

Bolivia is a country located in South America. Bolivia's capital is La Paz and the currency is the Boliviano.

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Map of Bolivia
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Travel Blogs Bolivia

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Uyuni Salt Tour Bolivia

South America » Bolivia » Uyuni
03 August 2011
Uyuni Bolivia

The Uyuni salt tour is one of the the most impressive places me and my girlfriend visited during our holiday in Bolivia and it's hard to find another salt desert just as touristic!

We travelled through both Bolivia and Argentina by car which we rented upon arrival. In Argentina we visited places like Buenos Aires, where we started our journey, Salta, Mendoza, Puerto Iguazu and more.


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Trekking Torotoro National Park Bolivia

South America » Bolivia » Torotoro
25 February 2011
Torotoro Bolivia

Bolivia has a lot of interesting parks to visit and eventhough the Torotoro National Park is maybe one of the smaller ones the guided hikes that leave Cochabamba, Potosi are always popular.

The major drawcard of Torotoro, besides the park's amazing panoramic views, are of course the misterious dinosaur footprints!

Two years ago my husband and I travelled through Australia and visited Broome where I spotted my first dinosaur footprints which for me was an amazing experience. Of course there will be always be people who dont believe in the true origin of the prints but still nobody...

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Bolivia Travel

South America » Bolivia » Rurrenabaque
07 February 2011
Rurrenabaque Bolivia

Bolivia is a beautiful country to travel to and if you do you must take a trip to the Rurrenabaque area for that popular and today pretty touristic pampas tour.

As soon as your guide takes off you will forget completely about the other travellers behind you as there is so much to see!

It´s an amazing way to observe great wildlife like wild monkeys, birdlife and...

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La Paz to Valle de la Luna

South America » Bolivia » La Paz
08 November 2010
La Paz Bolivia

Another great day trip from La Paz is the Valle de la Luna. You could go for just a few hours as it's only 10 km from downtown La Paz but the scenery is one out of a million, especially around sunset.

The Valle de la Luna is definitely what it's name promises and this Moon Valley has a very surreal panoramic from the boardwalk which hangs in between to dramatic cliffs.


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Ticket out of La Paz

South America » Bolivia » Tiwanacu
08 November 2010
Tiwanacu Bolivia

I have done an internship in La Paz for three months and eventhough it's a really nice city to stay in I sometimes felt the need to escape all the chaos and clear my mind.

The thing that worked best for me was to purchase a bus ticket out of La Paz and go on a day trip or guided hike in one of the many rural sites around the city.

One place that I found particularly...