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Travel Blogs Yaroslavl

Travel Blogs Yaroslavl

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Yaroslavl in Yaroslavskaya Oblast, Russia

Yaroslavl is a city located in Russia, Asia.

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Yaroslavl Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Yaroslavl

Asia » Russia » Yaroslavl
14 December 2011
Yaroslavl Russia

We arrived in Yaroslavl after breakfast and followed our guide for a sightseeing tour around the most the tourist attractions of Yaroslavl starting with some beautiful churches.

The Church of Elijah the Prophet in Yaroslavl was incredibly beautiful and its interior is stunning. We had a very interesting tour around the church and were shown all the architectural highlights.


Asia » Russia » Yaroslavl
09 December 2010
Yaroslavl Russia

My travel adventure this Autumn started with a flight from London to Moscow where I spend one night upon arrival before hopping on the direct train to Yaroslavl, leaving from Yaroslavsky Station.

Yaroslavl is a city in the central western part of Russia, north east of Moscow and to be able to travel up there by train you will pay around 10 GBP, which would come down to 11 EUR or...