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Travel Blogs Sigiriya

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Sigiriya in Central, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya is a city located in Sri Lanka, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Sigiriya

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sigiriya
24 October 2011
Sigiriya Sri Lanka

Sigiriya is not only a beautiful place to visit in the heart of Sri Lanka but this Lion's Rock has been drawing ever more visitors to the area and I could not stay behind:)

The rock of Sigiriya contains valuable ancient paintings or frescos dating back to prehistorical times turning this tourist attraction into UNESCO's 8th Wonder of the World.

Besides the frescos...

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sigiriya
16 May 2011
Sigiriya Sri Lanka

From Habarana I continued my journey little south towards Sigiriya where I would be staying at the Sigiriya Hotel, known for its outdoor pool view of Sigiriya Rock.

This rock was also the reason of my visit to Sigiriya and the day after my arrival I went on a tour to climb this amazing monster.

Sigiriya is known as an ancient rock fortress surrounded by beautiful...