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Travel Blogs Norway

Travel Blogs Norway

Norway is a country located in Europe. Norway's capital is Oslo and the currency is the Norwegian Krone.

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Map of Norway
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Travel Blogs Norway

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Weekend in Stavanger

Europe » Norway » Stavanger
16 June 2011
Stavanger Norway

My husband and I spent last weekend in Stavanger to visit some friend of ours who moved there recently. We drove to Stavanger from Bergen where we live which took us little less than four hours.

Stavanger like Bergen is located on the coast facing the Norwegian Sea and is known for its pittoresque houses and of course being the Petroleum Capital of Norway for its port.

We had a lovely stay at the Skagen Brygge Hotell a very charming hotel in the Old centre of Stavanger also known as Gamle Stavanger and besides the time we spent with our friends we enjoyed our walks around town...

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Porsgrunn and the beauty of Norway

Europe » Norway » Porsgrunn
29 March 2010
Pictures of Porsgrunn, Norway. Porsgrunn

It's difficult to leave a country this breath taking behind. The complete silence I've experienced travelling through Norway really touched me and it made me feel like I had become part of this immense landscape with its stunning nature and kind people.

Finally visiting countries like Denmark, Sweden and of course Norway was a dream come true and I came across a lot of magical places,...

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A Cruise to the Norwegian North Cape

Europe » Norway » Bergen
21 January 2010
The city of Bergen in Norway Bergen

At the end of summer last year me and my wife decided to go on a trip to Scandanavia aboard the luxurious Costa Luminosa cruise ship. We flew to Amsterdam from where the ship would depart for the Norwegian and Danish waters.

Heading to the North Cape we also made a stop in the beautiful city of Bergen, the second largest city of Norway and known for its narrow city streets and stunning...