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Travel Blogs Lhasa

Travel Blogs Lhasa

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Lhasa in Tibet, China

Lhasa is a city located in China, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Lhasa

Asia » China » Lhasa
15 September 2011
Lhasa China

The last destination on our Trans Siberia Express Train adventure lies in Tibet and takes us to the beautiful city of Lhasa which today has been discovered by many curious visitors, fanatic hikers and pilgrims.

Our train also made a short stop at the Cuo Na Hu railway station on the eatern shore of Lake Cui Na Hu before entering Lhasa which lies about 500 km to the southwest of the lake.

This tibetan lake is one of the higgest lakes in the world with its 4594 metres above sea level so that was an interesting stop.

Some other altitude extremes we conquered: the...

Asia » China » Lhasa
28 October 2010
Lhasa China

After graduating earlier this year I started working as much as I could doing all kinds of shifts to save up enough money for the trip of a lifetime, at least for me.

I graduated in Chinese Studies and after a very interesting internship of three months in Beijing I wanted to go back there to explore a different part of China, the autonomous region of Tibet.