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Travel Blogs China

Travel Blogs China

China is a country located in Asia. China's capital is Beijing and the currency is the Yuan Renminbi.

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Travel Blogs China

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New Eyes on Shanghai

Asia » China » Shanghai
21 October 2012
Shanghai China

I am glad I have taken the time to start my business trip earlier, and had a fantastic weekend & introduction thanks to Shanghaiwalker, Definitely a recommendable! These enthusiastic people have show me not only the highlights...

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Trip to Hong Kong for a Wedding

Asia » China » Hong Kong Island
01 November 2011
Hong Kong Island China

Last month my little brother got married to his longtime chinese girlfriend in Hong Kong where her family lives and we, the family back home, were all invited over to China for a true fairy tale wedding!

Luckily my brother had given notice of the wedding a year and a half before the due date so I was able to save up some money and fully enjoy my stay in Hong Kong without having to...

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Things to do in Beijing

Asia » China » Beijing
20 September 2011
Beijing China

At the moment I am in Beijing for an internship in the fashion industry and I am living my experience abroad to the fullest getting to see as much of this beautiful city as possibile.

I would like to share some great things to do in Beijing with everyone so that you make sure you will come here in the near future!

1.I'll start with Beihai Park, an imperial garden...

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Trans Siberia Express Train Lhasa

Asia » China » Lhasa
15 September 2011
Lhasa China

The last destination on our Trans Siberia Express Train adventure lies in Tibet and takes us to the beautiful city of Lhasa which today has been discovered by many curious visitors, fanatic hikers and pilgrims.

Our train also made a short stop at the Cuo Na Hu railway station on the eatern shore of Lake Cui Na Hu before entering Lhasa which lies about 500 km to the southwest of the lake.

This tibetan lake is one of the higgest lakes in the world with its 4594 metres above sea level so that was an interesting stop.

Some other altitude extremes we conquered: the...

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Trans Siberia Express Train Beijing

Asia » China » Beijing
13 September 2011
Beijing China

From Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia we traveled to Beijing in China to view one of the Seven World Wonders with our own eyes; The Chinese Wall.

Of course this wasn't our only stop on the touristic trail and we made a lot of interesting visits to the food markets, the Forbidden City and more beautiful places.

Travelling by train has been such an enlightenment for me personally...