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Travel Blogs Ayutthaya

Travel Blogs Ayutthaya

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Ayutthaya in Phra Nakhon Si , Thailand

Ayutthaya is a city located in Thailand, Asia.

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Ayutthaya Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Ayutthaya

Asia » Thailand » Ayutthaya
03 September 2010
Ayutthaya Thailand

Ayutthaya lies north of Bangkok and just a train ride away. Eventhough the city was once Thailand's flourishing capital city most travellers aren't familiar with Ayutthaya's beautiful temples.

The temple tours of Ayutthaya are the ancient city's most important drawcard and the best thing would be to ask a local travel guide to show you around.

In one of the many blogs on Thailand on this site I had found the address of Kwanjai and showed my sister the pictures.

We decided to write down the number and actually got to meet her during our stay in Ayutthaya!


Asia » Thailand » Ayutthaya
06 February 2010
Little house on the other side  Ayutthaya

If you want to visit both Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya but start your Thailand trip in Bangkok, the best way would be to head to Kanchanaburi first and then take a bus to Ayutthaya. From Kanchanaburi you can only get to Ayutthaya by bus because there is no train connection. In the end it actually is a really great experience and you get to see a lot of the rural Thai scenery.

The bus...

Asia » Thailand » Ayutthaya
14 January 2010
The temple of Wat Gudidao Ayutthaya

If you want to visit the old Wats of Ayutthaya the only thing you need to arrange your personal tuk tuk driver who will bring you anywhere and bring enough water to go sightseeing during the hot Thai sun.

Ayutthaya is the old Thai capital and one big historic site as it comes to temple ruins and impressive Buddhist statues. On our daytrip through Ayutthaya we made a stop at Wat Gudidao,...

Asia » Thailand » Ayutthaya
08 January 2010
The Wat Yai Chaimonkhol monastery Ayutthaya

The best way to visit the impressive monastery of Wat Yai Chaimongkhol is by tuk tuk. The driver will bring you in front of the Wat so you can spend some time walking through the temples and old ruins of Wat Yai Chaimongkhol.

This monastery was build by King Naresuan the Great to celebrate after an important battle which the king himself claimed to have won single handly for the...

Asia » Thailand » Ayutthaya
27 September 2009
Ayutthaya Thailand

We arrived in Ayutthaya by train after a few days in Kachanaburi. When we got off the bus after a long trip we started looking for some tourist information along the road.

For the next 3 days we booked a room at the Ayuttaya Thanee Hotel and our first struggle seemed to be; finding the hotel! We were soooo lucky to run into Mrs Kwanjai Wongin, an amazing and ultra friendly thai lady...