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Broome in Western Australia, Australia

Broome is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Broome

Oceania » Australia » Broome
06 November 2010
Broome Australia

Broome is an amazing town on the north coast of Western Australia and popular with both tourists as locals. Me and my husband live in New South Wales and are born and raised in the city of Sydney.

We love to travel to Broome at least once a year and enjoy the beauty of this part of Australia which is still so raw and authentic.

From Sydney we fly Qantas as the...

Oceania » Australia » Broome
29 December 2009
The Willie Creek Boat Cruise in Broome Broome

Besides the tour around the pearl farm Willie Creek also offers the Pear Luggers Tour which will take you a step back in history and fill you in on every single fact about the pearling industry and how the pearl farm in Broome became the place it is today.

The township of Broome has a great history and at Pearl Luggers, in Dampier Terrace, this value is brought to life with their daily tours.

The site boosts two original pearl luggers and a vast collection of authentic pearling equipment. The presentations take up to 1 hour and will give you a good picture of the pearling town...

Oceania » Australia » Broome
30 January 2010
Flying over Willie Creek, Broome Broome

The Willie Creek Pearl Farm in Broome is a beautiful place to visit and its one of the cheaper tours to do.

There are several tours around the Willie Creek Pearl Farm to choose from and you can decide to get a transfer by coach to the pearl farm or to drive yourself.

4 Hour Tour by Coach including: Hotel pick up/ drop off, Transfer to Pearl Farm (about 38 km),...

Oceania » Australia » Broome
27 December 2009
Dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point Broome

Gantheaume Point, 7 km from Broome's town centre, is one of the most beautiful places. Not only can you walk over these amazing red rocks which tumble in Broome's amazing turquoise waters but the place is also of great historic value.

Broome is the only place on earth where there's still vivid and clear evidence of the presence of dinosaursdating from the prehistorc era. On Gantheaume...

Oceania » Australia » Broome
07 October 2009
Skydive diploma! Broome

This morning we went skydiving with Skydive Broome, an operator I found through the internet. The ride up there was a trill on its own but once you're up there, 10.000 ft high, your mind just keeps wowing!

Our skydive instructor Ralph was great and explaned all the things we had to keep in mind, how to move and most of all to enjoy the dive!

We jumped above Ganthaume Point, 7k south of Broome with an amazing view over Cable Beach and the gorgeous coast line.

We decided to buy both the DVD as the photo's Ralph took during the flight and they...