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Skydiving over Gantheaume Point

October 7th, 2009

This morning we went skydiving with Skydive Broome, an operator I found through the internet. The ride up there was a trill on its own but once you're up there, 10.000 ft high, your mind just keeps wowing!

Our skydive instructor Ralph was great and explaned all the things we had to keep in mind, how to move and most of all to enjoy the dive!

Skydive diploma!Skydive diploma!

We jumped above Ganthaume Point, 7k south of Broome with an amazing view over Cable Beach and the gorgeous coast line.

We decided to buy both the DVD as the photo's Ralph took during the flight and they were sooo cool. Unbelieveble how he got to film all that during our free fall!

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What to do in Broome: Book a skydive in Broome as the scenery at the drop off point is one of Aussie's best.

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  • Skydive diploma! Skydive diploma!
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  • The Airport The Airport
  • Ready to dive Ready to dive
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  • Gabri's B-Day:) Gabri's B-Day:)
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Skydiving over Gantheaume Point
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