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Travel Blogs Maastricht

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Maastricht in Limburg, Netherlands

Maastricht is a city located in Netherlands, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Maastricht

Europe » Netherlands » Maastricht
08 April 2010
Fish inside the Natuurhistorisch Museum in Maastricht Maastricht

One of the most popular touristic attractions in Maastricht would be the Natuurhistorisch Museum, which is located at a two minute stroll from the main Vrijthof Square.

The museum is a collection of interesting geological and biological finds in the history of Limburg, the province of Maastricht.

You will be able to check out giant remains of mammuts and dinosaurs.

At the entrance of the museum you'll find a reconstruction of a dinosaur believed to have lived in the southern province of the Netherlands which is pretty impressive.

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Europe » Netherlands » Maastricht
06 April 2010
Public art exposition on Vrijthof Square in Maastricht, The Netherlands Maastricht

We decided to spend our Easter monday in Maastricht, a beautiful medieval city in the province of Limburg, in the south of The Netherlands.

We took the train from Amsterdam with stops at Utrecht and Roermond. The total ride took us about three hours which was quite an experience because their were some small delays but in the end the trip went fine!

Maastricht is a gorgeous city and has a very welcoming feel about it. It kind of feels like you're crossing a border but in the end you're still in Holland, eventhough Maastricht is just about 5 chilometers away from Belgium.