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Travel Blogs Netherlands

Travel Blogs Netherlands

Netherlands is a country located in Europe. Netherlands's capital is Amsterdam and the currency is the Euro.

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Map of Netherlands
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Travel Blogs Netherlands

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NYE Celebration Little Buddha Amsterdam

Europe » Netherlands » Amsterdam
02 January 2014
The Little Buddha Amsterdam

Little Buddha in Amsterdam had a great NYE Celebration with a great DJ Lineup (Dj Roog, Dj Sean, Dj Michael Mendoza, MarlDexx, Samsa and more) and a very nice EleganceLuxuryNightlife theme including beautiful dancers and a cheerful countdown.

They had some great VIP tables and excellent staff members on floor. From the VIP Tables the view of the DJ decks could not have been better and we definitely had fun dancing 2013 away!

The personal hostess really made our night a perfect one and provided us with drinks all night long. We loved...

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Restaurant Red Lobster Steak Amsterdam

Europe » Netherlands » Amsterdam
02 January 2014
The Dessert Menu at Red Amsterdam Amsterdam

We had the most amazing dinner on New Year's Eve at Red Amsterdam which is the perfect place to enjoy the very best version of a delicious surf and turf.

This restaurant has a very elaborate wine menu but as far as the food goes they are very clear: lobster, steak or lobster and steak!

And you know why? Because it's what they do best! We had the yummy combination of both which was served after enjoying some italian bread with olive oil and sea salt and a glass of Mirambeau Réserve Blanc from the Bordeaux region in France.

We had a bottle of the Mirambeau Réserve Blanc...

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Andaz Hotel Amsterdam

Europe » Netherlands » Amsterdam
02 January 2014
Decor Andaz Netherlands Amsterdam

We spent our NYE in Amsterdam and stayed at the very elegant Andaz Hotel Amsterdam which is a Hyatt Hotel and you will definitely get a royal treatment.

The Andaz Amsterdam Hotel is a very modern hotel which is on top of every technological trend. You will not find your usual reception desk but simply complete your checkin by ipad while enjoying a cup of tea on their comfy sofa's.

The room was beautifully decorated and styled with typical Dutch features such as a pair of wooden clogs on the wall, great pieces of Amsterdam Art, and a beautifully painted ceramic sink. The bed was...

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A Dam Good Stay....

Europe » Netherlands » Amsterdam
22 August 2011

We had a fantastic time in Amsterdam. We stayed at A'Dam Good Stay Guesthouse and it was wonderful.

Hans and Wendie were great. It was in a great location and we felt like we were residents! It is...

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Amsterdam and Anne Frank's House

Europe » Netherlands » Amsterdam
19 June 2011
Amsterdam buildings Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city: the canals and the wonderful palaces of the city. You should visit Anne Frank's house to live the story of the Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. In the tour of her house you can see the room where she was hiding with her family. There is also a museum where it's possible to learn more about the Holocaust. In Amsterdam there is also the famous...