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Travel Blogs Tel Aviv

Travel Blogs Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv in Israel

Tel Aviv is a city located in Israel, Middle East.

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Travel Blogs Tel Aviv

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv
03 March 2011
Tel Aviv Israel

In this travel blog I will try to share some of my trip to Israel, my home country and today a very much loved holiday destination by my entire family.

We landed in Tel Aviv where we had a booking at Liber Apartment, a great place to stay if you're travelling with your family like I often am because of the space and location.

Our apartment or condo had two bedrooms, one for me and my wife and another one for the kids to share.

The Liber condo's are really clean and well furbished with a fully equipped kitchen and tv sitting room so we feel like we are at...

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv
22 June 2010
Tel Aviv Israel

In April I went to Israel on a holiday with my husband to visit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, two of the most visited places in Israel which show an interesting contrast between historical sites and modern constructions.

We stayed one week in Tel Aviv and another 7 days in Jerusalem where we visited some of Israel's most precious heritage sites.

Jerusalem is a beautiful...