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Travel Blogs Israel

Israel is a country located in Middle East. Israel's capital is Jerusalem and the currency is the New Israeli Sheqel.

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Travel Blogs Israel

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Liber Apartment Tel Aviv

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv
03 March 2011
Tel Aviv Israel

In this travel blog I will try to share some of my trip to Israel, my home country and today a very much loved holiday destination by my entire family.

We landed in Tel Aviv where we had a booking at Liber Apartment, a great place to stay if you're travelling with your family like I often am because of the space and location.

Our apartment or condo had two bedrooms, one for me and my wife and another one for the kids to share.

The Liber condo's are really clean and well furbished with a fully equipped kitchen and tv sitting room so we feel like we are at...

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Tour from Jerusalem to Nazareth

Middle East » Israel » Nazareth
17 December 2010
Nazareth Israel

I visited Nazareth during my time in Israel twice, once on a tour from Jerusalem to Nazareth with a local travel guide and when I started heading to the north parts of Israel I had the chance to visit the city again.

Nazareth is known as the city which is described as the childhood home of Jesus and therefor an important destination for Christian pilgrims and other visitors like myself.

Besides the interesting tourist attractions in Nazareth most people combine their stay of sightseeing with a visit...

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Lake Galilee boat ride Israel

Middle East » Israel » Capernaum
03 November 2010
Capernaum Israel

Our church had organized a trip to Israel at the beginning of this year and me and my wife were happy to sign up for it since we had wanted to go on a holiday to Israel for quite some time.

The first place we visited was Tiberias where our guide had arranged for a Lake Galilee boat ride to Capernaum, the fishing village on the shore of the Galilee Sea.


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Qumran Caves Israel

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem
13 August 2010
Jerusalem Israel

After our visit to the Oasis of Engedi, or Ein Gedi, we drove further north along the Dead Sea and visited the Qumran National Park which is located at about 20 km east of Jerusalem and a little less than 40 km north of Ein Gedi so you could make a day trip to the Qumran Caves if you're staying in Jerusalem as well.

Since we already stayed in Jerusalem and were touring the Dead Sea...

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Ein Gedi Nature Reserve Israel

Middle East » Israel » Ein Gedi
12 August 2010
Ein Gedi Israel

Travelling up along the Dead Sea from Masada where we had visited the fortifications up along Snake Path we headed to the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, a popular tourist attraction and oasis in Israel.

The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is close to the Masada site and the Qumran caves as well. The reserve is known for its oasis in the desert, located west of the Dead Sea, which attracts a lot...