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Travel Blogs Madrid

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Madrid in Spain

Madrid is a city located in Spain, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Madrid

Europe » Spain » Madrid
20 July 2011
Madrid Spain

Me and my boyfriend just came back from an incredible trip to Spain where we weren't blessed with good weather every single day but there sure was a lot of good Spanish food to go with that sangria!

We chose to do a sort of round trip and rented a car upon arrival in Madrid where we would spend our first three days. I will dedicate a small travel blog to every destination on our...

Europe » Spain » Madrid
16 April 2011

The plane ride over and back to Phoenix AZ was perfect. We flew with Delta Airlines our of JFK in New York. We arrived at 09:30 and by shuttle bus to Hostel Patricia.

Madrid is beautyful and Hostel Patricia is located 1 block from Plaza Mayor. With everything only a 3-5 minute walk we were in heaven.

April is still a cool tempature only a 20 minute sprinkle...

Europe » Spain » Madrid
13 July 2010
Madrid Spain

Last May I went to Madrid with my boyfriend to spend some time together and experience a country we had never been before, Spain.

The period in which we went to Madrid couldn't be better as the weather in May is really nice, not too hot like in August but enough sunshine to call it a summer holiday!

Madrid is a beautiful city and great for a short trip or weekend getaway if you're travelling within Europe.

I will never forget my trip to Madrid as we had a great time there with a lot of nice things to do and see.

During the day we went to...

Europe » Spain » Madrid
03 January 2010
Madrid Spain

Madrid is Spains largest city and has a beautiful centre with some architectual masterpieces. Walking through the central business distric you'll find some of the longest shopping streets and a number of beautiful plaza's like Plaza Major,Plaza de Canajelas and Plaza de Cibeles.

Madrid is also very popular with clubbers and party people. You'll find a wide range of clubs, bars and discotheques in the Puerta del Sol area where the Gran Via and Alcala Street are filled with young locals and tourists looking for a good time.

Clubs and bars stay open till late and streetlife in Madrid...