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Madrid, Tolido and Segovia

April 16th, 2011

The plane ride over and back to Phoenix AZ was perfect. We flew with Delta Airlines our of JFK in New York. We arrived at 09:30 and by shuttle bus to Hostel Patricia.

Madrid is beautyful and Hostel Patricia is located 1 block from Plaza Mayor. With everything only a 3-5 minute walk we were in heaven.

April is still a cool tempature only a 20 minute sprinkle in 9 days is perfect. Madrid is full of very creative people, all trying to earn a living and enjoy life.

Madrid is expensive but you can learn very quickly where to eat and how to save money. Tapas, finger food, is everywhere. Do not eat with your eyes, some things that look questionable were incredible.

The double decker bus tour is a must, take the tour first then figure out what you want to see, and there is alot. My wife and I went to Segovia, Avilia by bus tour, unbelieveable. You can take hundreds of pictures there and the price to go is very small for what you get.

We took the high speed train to Tolido and spent the day walking and taking pictures. Met a man named Jose who took us to his shop to but letter openers, plates, braceletts and so much more and met the Master engraver himself.

In Madrid we went to a Flamingo Dance, seemed like alot of angery women stomping around. We did not go to the bull fights but had an encredible time. Wifi at McDonalds and some of the best coffee I have ever had. Watch for cheap tickets and save money we did and made our trip even better. Thanks Dan Valadez

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Travel Tips for Madrid Spain:

Where to stay in Madrid: Hostel Patricia room #1 clean and perfectly located

What to do in Madrid: side trips to Avilia, Segovia and Toledo

Where to eat in Madrid: Plaza Mayor, was wonderful. Tapas are every where


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Madrid, Tolido and Segovia
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Period: Apr 2011
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Liked: Food, Churches and sights
Disliked: People, you need to speak spanish to get the most out of Madrid
Trip Rating: Excellent

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