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Travel Blogs Salvador

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Salvador in Bahia, Brazil

Salvador is a city located in Brazil, South America.

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Salvador Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Salvador

South America » Brazil » Salvador
01 March 2011
Salvador Brazil

The Bahia State lies in the northeast of Brazil and it's one of the most popular destinations withing the country for its mixture of cultures, great parties and splendid beaches.

Salvador da Bahia, or just Salvador, is the capital city of Bahia and the place to go if you're in for an all summer beach holiday with gorgeous weather, a beautiful bay filled with shiny boats and of course...

South America » Brazil » Salvador
23 March 2010
Semifinals of the Rio Cup at the Maracanà stadium. Salvador

I will never forget my incredible trip to the country of Pelè, Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana, the Maracanà stadium, the Pao de Azucar and the statue of the Christ the Redeemer also called the Corcovado.

Standing there it kind of makes you wonder how they got that enormous statue up the hill!

We also visited the amazing waterfalls of Iguazu at the border between...

South America » Brazil » Salvador
15 March 2010
Pictures of a beach outside Salvador de Bahia. Salvador

I have been to Salvador de Bahia where I decided to visit the quarter of Pelurinio. In this area you will find out just how bad some conditions are in which the locals are forced to live.

But Brasil isn't just about poverty and poor quarters. There is a lot of beauty too. Just take a look at the colourful houses, the cheerful people and the amazing beaches of Costa do Sauipe.


South America » Brazil » Salvador
09 January 2010
Praco do Pelourinho in Salvador Salvador

Salvador on Brazil's east coast is famous for its excilirating carnaval, beautiful beaches and friendly locals. Lots of reasons for a bunch of backpackers like ourselves to jump on the first night bus!

One of my friends had a cousin living in Salvador who had invited the four of us to stay in his appartment for the weekend so we had no trouble with finding accomodation! Later we...