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Travel Blogs Arica

Travel Blogs Arica

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Arica in and Parinacota Region, Chile

Arica is a city located in Chile, South America.

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Travel Blogs Arica

South America » Chile » Arica
31 March 2010
Graffiti art in Arica, Chile. Arica

Arica is a small coastal town in Chile and known to locals as Surfer's Paradise. We decided to go sighteeing by bike and rented a pair of bicycles!

Unfortunately the weather wasn't great but the clouds didn't stop us from cycling down the esplanade of Arica!

Due to the weather we didn't see a lot of surfers but we did find a nice pub at Tuto Beach where we stopped...

South America » Chile » Arica
04 January 2010
Road to Morro de Arica, Chili Arica

Arica is a town in the northern parts of Chili, close to the border with Peru. We decided to move here and spend some time on the beach as we were told that Arica is the surfersparadise of Chili, so off we went!

Its a good thing there are quite some beaches because Arica is a very dry place with little rainfall and not to far from the desert.

Arica has more than...