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Travel Blogs Chile

Chile is a country located in South America. Chile's capital is Santiago and the currency is the Chilean Peso.

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Travel Blogs Chile

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Stay in Coastal Iquique Chile

South America » Chile » Iquique
31 March 2011
Iquique Chile

Iquique lies on the Pacific coast in northern Chile and is not only a very laidback town to visit when you're travelling down the coast of Chile but also a nice place to stay if you wan't to head into the Atacama Desert like we did.

Unfortunately this holiday wasn't much about sightseeing and staying around long.

The reason I travelled to Chile last January was...

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Bus tour from Chile to Bolivia

South America » Chile » El Tatio
17 January 2011
El Tatio Chile

The northeastern part of Chile is a beautiful area to travel through and especially if you want to cross the border with Bolivia sites like El Tatio are worth a visit.

The El Tatio geyser field lies within the Andes Mountain Range and offers a unique landscape which you can visit on different tours. The thing I liked most about El Tatio was the pool where we could bath in the hot...

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Touring the Atacama Desert Chile

South America » Chile » San Pedro de Atacama
10 December 2010
San Pedro de Atacama Chile

The Atacama Desert in one of the most arid but fascinating landscapes in Chile and when you´re planning a backpacorkers holiday or longer stay in Chile it´s definately a place you might want to visit.

The landscapes are so dramatic and impressive that you almost become one with nature. I had this feeling of complete calmness and admiration coming over me when we visited the Valle...

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Stay in Valparaiso Chile

South America » Chile » Valparaiso
01 November 2010
Valparaiso Chile

In August I left for Chile with my best friend. We had made a list of the places we wanted to see but besides a hostel for our first week we didn't plan much.

When we arrived in Chile the first city we stayed in was Santiago but after two days we decided to move to the coast and rented a car to get to Valparaiso.

Valparaiso is a very artistic place and its the...

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The Moai statues of Easter Island

South America » Chile » Easter Island
04 April 2010
The ancient Moai sculptures, Chile Easter Island

Easter Island is an island in the Pacific Ocean and part of Chile in South America. It is a popular destination for its remarkable Moai sculptures spread over the green valleys of the island.

How the Maoi sculptures have been transported to the places where they're found today is a mystery, even to scientists and experts.

The monumental statues are created by...