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Travel Blogs Orlando

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Orlando is a city located in United States, North America.

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Travel Blogs Orlando

01 April 2011
Orlando United States

Together with four of my best friends I made a trip to Orlando Florida to enjoy a well deserved spring break vacation in Walt Disney World.

The trip was so cool and I only had been to Disney World before but that was like years ago and of course with my parents.

The attractions and rides were awesome and we had so much fun running around the park, getting our pictures taken with Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Goofy and all the other Disney figures.

The parade was definately the highlight of our stay in Orlando and it was done so well with the music, the...

03 March 2011
Orlando United States

Every now and then I drive from Tampa to Orlando to visit my sister and her family or we see eachother somewhere in the middle:) This time we wanted to do something special with both of our families so we decided to take them for a weekend of fun to the Universal Studios.

The kids have been asking to go there since as long as I can remeber so it was time we got the deal sealed!


15 October 2010
Orlando United States

For Halloween my family made a trip to Orlando, Florida for a well deserved holiday and to prepare the surprise birthday party of my brother Kyle.

His birthday would be around Halloween and he had been talking about the Halloween Horror Nights in the Universal Studios for about the entire summer.

My mum and dad had planned a trip to Orlando to surprise him and...

23 July 2010
Orlando United States

This June we spend three days at the Walt Dinsey World Resort Florida and had the best time like a couple of kids. Of course maybe I should have visited Walt Dinsey World twenty years earlier but hey, at least I got there in the end!

Me and my friends stayed in Florida for a month with another friend of us who worked and lived in Orlando. Being in Orlando and not visiting Walt Dinsey...