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Travel Blogs Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a city located in United States, North America.

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Travel Blogs Los Angeles

North America » United States » Los Angeles
11 July 2011
Los Angeles United States

This year I travelled a bit further and went to visit a friend of mine in Los Angeles which was the first time I visited California. I had been to New York twice and Miami once but never to California so I was really excited about the trip.

Los Angeles has gained great status as the land of the rich and famous over the years so of course I wanted to visit Hollywood and its most famous...

North America » United States » Los Angeles
16 July 2010
Los Angeles United States

When you're in Los Angeles another great touristic attraction is the Disney's California Adventure Park which is very nice, especially if you're travelling with little kids.

We spend about four hours in the Disney's California Adventure Park and had a lot of un on the rides. Also the Disney parade was pretty cool. I had never been to any Disney Park so for me it was great to see...

North America » United States » Los Angeles
26 March 2010
Photo of Hollywood Boulevard. Los Angeles

During my trip to the United States I visited Los Angeles, the capital city of California. Los Angeles is a huge place with something interesting to see on every block and every street.

I also visited Hollywood, the place where the big screen was invented. Being in Hollywood of course I had to stroll along the world famous Hollywood Boulevard where the stars literally have fallen...

North America » United States » Los Angeles
22 March 2010
Dumb rappers need teaching in honor of Biggie. Los Angeles

After a 12 hour flight I had finally arrived in the United States, the land of opportunities.

For three weeks I would stay in Los Angeles to study at a music school together with other ritired rappers and guitar playing hippies, a real experience!

The schools in America close about a month after the ones in Europe so it was the perfect opportunity to enjoy an...