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Travel Blogs Odawara City

Travel Blogs Odawara City

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Odawara City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Odawara City is a city located in Japan, Asia.

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Odawara City Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Odawara City

Asia » Japan » Odawara City
17 August 2010
Odawara City Japan

To get to Odawara City from Kyoto we travelled by train and not just a regular train but the one and only pride of the Japanese Railway, the Shinkansen bullet train.

We travelled a lot by bus but hopping on the Shinkansen bullet train was something else and a whole different travel experience on its own.

The Shinkansen bullet train travels way faster than a regular...

Asia » Japan » Odawara City
17 February 2010
My Japanese friend Chiaki Odawara City

It was september of the year 2000 when I made this trip to Japan at the age of 23. I met Yuko, my girlfriend at the time, on the internet and after two years of talking and writing to eachother we decided to meet up in Japan, her home country.

I was so exciting of travelling to Japan and not even in the first place to see Yuko but finally I would get to visit the country of my dreams. When I was little I grew up with all the Japanese cartoons and action figures and now I would see the place where all that creativity came from!

In Japan there are so many places to visit...