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Travel Blogs Japan

Travel Blogs Japan

Japan is a country located in Asia. Japan's capital is Tokyo and the currency is the Yen.

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Map of Japan
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Travel Blogs Japan

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Travel to Tokyo in December

Asia » Japan » Tokyo
07 September 2011
Tokyo Japan

While this December I am planning on heading to Dubai for the Christmas holidays last year I spend some time in Japan to visit impressive Tokyo. December might not be the best time to visit Tokyo as you would know simply by searching the internet and it can be rather chilly but never less magic if you ask me.

Most people travel to Japan in either spring or autumn because of the mild...

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Trip from Tokyo to Kyoto

Asia » Japan » Kyoto
16 August 2011
Kyoto Japan

Spring is the best time to visit Japan if you ask me and not only for the weather but also for the beautiful cherry trees and great outdoors events.

I also managed to book a rather inexpensive flight in advance with Emirates Airlines and had a great flight to Tokyo where I spent my first week. I guess you will definately need a week to explore Tokyo but make sure to divide your days...

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Study Abroad Stay in Nagoya Japan

Asia » Japan » Nagoya
11 July 2011
Nagoya Japan

During my time in Nagoya Japan where I went for period of 4 months as part of a study abroad programme I learned a lot about the Japanese culture and attending the Nagoya Gakuin University, making friends and learning the language was a huge experience for me and I'm so glad I simply went for it!

Nagoya lies in central Japan on the Pacific coast and is one of Japan's major ports...

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Yonezawa city trip Japan

Asia » Japan » Yonezawa
05 November 2010
Yonezawa Japan

My father was born in Yonezawa City, Japan and at least once a year we return their to visit relatives and spend some quality time with our family.

Yonezawa lies in the Yamagata Prefecture, in the northeast of Japan, about three hours north of Tokyo.

Me and my sister always prefer to visit Tokyo but this year I must say I really enjoyed Yonezawa and especially...

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Travel guide Kyoto Japan

Asia » Japan » Kyoto
22 September 2010
Kyoto Japan

During my two months of studying abroad in Japan I stayed in Hirakata City where I met my fellow students and my personal Japanese speaking partner, which turned out to be a great match.

Together with the other girls we decided to organize a day trip from Hirakata to Kyoto, which lies north of Hirakata and can be reached by public transport.

We had a great time...