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Travel Blogs Hue

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Hue in Thura Thien-, Vietnam

Hue is a city located in Vietnam, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Hue

Asia » Vietnam » Hue
07 February 2011
Hue Vietnam

Hue is a beautiful imperial city of the former Nguyen Dynasty and the best way to explore this city would be either by foot or by maybe by touring bus or tuk tuk.

There are a lot of interesting sites we visited during our stay in Hue like the Citadel of Hue and of course the ancient city gates but also temples and pagoda┬┤s.

My husband and I had visited Cambodja last year and it was interesting to see similar architecture but also features that were completely different and colourful.

The temples were real pieces of eye candy with their buddhist ceramic statues...

Asia » Vietnam » Hue
18 July 2010
Hue Vietnam

Hue is the monumental capital of Vietnam if you could call it that and it's no wonder UNESCO recognized the old historic walled city, also known as the forbidden city of Hue, a World Heritage Site.

Many years ago this citadel, or walled city, was the capital city of the Nguyen Empire and a place just for Vietnam's most priveleged people, the Nguyen emperors and their loved ones.