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Vietnam is a country located in Asia. Vietnam's capital is Hanoi and the currency is the Dong.

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Travel Blogs Vietnam

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Touring around Hue Vietnam

Asia » Vietnam » Hue
07 February 2011
Hue Vietnam

Hue is a beautiful imperial city of the former Nguyen Dynasty and the best way to explore this city would be either by foot or by maybe by touring bus or tuk tuk.

There are a lot of interesting sites we visited during our stay in Hue like the Citadel of Hue and of course the ancient city gates but also temples and pagoda┬┤s.

My husband and I had visited Cambodja last year and it was interesting to see similar architecture but also features that were completely different and colourful.

The temples were real pieces of eye candy with their buddhist ceramic statues...

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Cat Ba Island in Halong Bay

Asia » Vietnam » Cat Ba
17 January 2011
Cat Ba Vietnam

During your Halong Bay Cruise there's a good chance you will make a stop at Cat Ba Island which is located in the bay and becoming ever more popular with touring companies.

Most agencies book a hotel on Cat Ba Island to fit their overnight Halong Bay Cruise and I must say we loved visiting the island.

Especially the views are breathtaking and it will give you a...

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Guest House in Da Lat Vietnam

Asia » Vietnam » Da Lat
15 December 2010
Da Lat Vietnam

Da Lat is located in the south of Vietnam and is known for its unique character, in everything. While the valleys of Da Lat are often covered by a veil of mist its curious architecture and rich botanical gardens gave Da Lat its nickname, the City of eternal Spring.

And talking about architecture in Vietnam, this gem in the south of the Central Highlands has it's share of strange...

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Trekking in Sapa Vietnam

Asia » Vietnam » Sa Pa
28 November 2010
Sa Pa Vietnam

The Sa pa District in northwest Vietnam is a beautiful destination and a great place to go trekking for the stunning scenery.

Sa Pa is located in Lao Cai Province and lies about 350 km north of Hanoi and definitely a great place to visit if you're travelling up north or planning on crossing the border between Vietnam and China.

But if you're not that much of an...

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Cycling tour around Hai Phong Vietnam

Asia » Vietnam » Hai Phong
24 November 2010
Hai Phong Vietnam

We left our cruise ship in Hanoi behind after a very satisfactory travel adventure in Ha Long Bay and travelled south along the eastern coast of Vietnam to reach Hai Phong.

Hai Phong is the third most populous city in Vietnam and after a day spend in the city we longed for a day trip like the cruise trip in Ha Long and decided to rent some bicycles!

The bikes were...