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Travel Blogs Johannesburg

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Johannesburg in Gauteng, South Africa

Johannesburg is a city located in South Africa, Africa.

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Johannesburg Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Johannesburg

Africa » South Africa » Johannesburg
30 December 2011
Johannesburg South Africa

One of the nicest attractions in and around Johannesburg and there are quite a lot (!) is the Johannesburg Zoo which me and my girlfriend visited on our holiday in South Africa.

We had found out about the Johannesburg Zoo through their website and simply by searching fun attractions in Johannesburg on tripadvisor which helped us a lot.

The Johannesburg Zoo is located...

Africa » South Africa » Johannesburg
21 June 2011
Johannesburg South Africa

During our holiday in South Africa my boyfriend and I booked a specialized tour with Drifters Tour Operator which we found through the internet.

The tour we went on was called the Kruger Park Safari Tour and took us from Johannesburg on a 5 - Day Bushveld Safari through the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa located in the east and and bordering Swaziland and Mozambique.


Africa » South Africa » Johannesburg
12 July 2010
Johannesburg South Africa

After a dramatic final of the 2010 World Cup which we spend back home in the Netherlands I decided to post my travel experience during the South Africa World Cup 2010 all the same.

Being able to get tickets to a world cup game is a privelege and me and my girlfriend were so excited when we booked our South Africa world cup package with tickets to the Netherlands-Denmark game in Johannesburg.