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Travel Blogs El Salvador

Travel Blogs El Salvador

El Salvador is a country located in South America. El Salvador's capital is San Salvador and the currency is the El Salvador Colon.

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Map of El Salvador
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Playa El Tunco - Playa El Tunco El Salvador
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Travel Blogs El Salvador

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Playa El Tunco El Salvador

South America » El Salvador » Playa El Tunco
29 August 2010
Playa El Tunco El Salvador

From Santa Ana in the central west part of El Salvador we took the bus to Playa El Tunco, a relaxed surfing town in the La Livertad department on El Salvador's south coast.

After our volunteering work in Santa Ana we chose Playa El Tunco as the perfect travel destination for a more relaxing end to our stay in El Salvador.

Playa El Tunco is known with locals and...

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Santa Ana El Salvador 2010

South America » El Salvador » Santa Ana
28 August 2010
Santa Ana El Salvador

This May I went to El Salvador with my girlfriend as we participated in a volunteer project in Santa Ana.

Santa Ana is the second largest city of El Salvador after its capital San Salvador.

Santa Ana is located near the borde with Guatemala in west El Salvador and has become a pretty popular backpackers travel destination especially with tourists travelling through more countries in Central America.

Besides a very nice city Santa Ana is also located in El Salvador which is still one of the poorest places in Central America as crime rates are high and public...

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Pictures of the Suchitoto Church

South America » El Salvador » Suchitoto
05 May 2010
The streets in Suchitoto, El Salvador Suchitoto

The colonial town of Suchitoto is situated in Central El Salvador and known for its beautiful white cathedral, its art galleries and pittoresque city centre.

You won't spot a lot of tourists in Suchitoto and it may not be one of the most spectacular travel destinations within El Salvador but when thing slow down in towns as Suchitot and you have the time to look around, taste some...